Contact Info:

ph: 843.953.8077
Office: SCIC 216C
Office Hours: by appt.

For Prospective Students

If you are interested in the type of research conducted in the lab and possibly joining the lab, send me an e-mail at Please briefly describe your background, research interests and why you are interested in working in my lab. If our research interests are overlapping, I’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss research options. Students with varied career goals (e.g. future graduate work, medical school, environmental non-profit work, dental school) have conducted successful research projects in the lab and gone on to successful careers.

My research interests are centered on the sub-disciplines of Plant Evolution, Ecological Genetics, Plant Population Ecology, Conservation Ecology. Students will be required to take classes and training in those areas. The Masters in Environmental Studies program is an interdisciplinary program that includes a strong foundation in coursework in policy, economics, and statistics. The College also offers a Masters program in Marine Biology that includes a strong foundation of coursework in marine ecology, marine physiology, oceanography and biometry. If you are interested in joining my lab — or in having me on your committee — please email me at